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Are you a property owner looking to hire a property manager in Bernalillo, NM? If so, consider Blue Door Realty as the property management company for your investment property!

We’re a local property management company in Rio Rancho and our mission is to provide a full array of management services that fit the needs of all types of rental property owners. Whether you own a single-family home, condo unit, office condo, or are part of a homeowners’ association in Bernalillo, we’re here to help! You can benefit from our property management services whether you are a new landlord, or if you own multiple rental properties. Our property managers are experienced and well versed in the field of real estate and property management.

With our local expertise, assessing the real estate market is a breeze. As a local property management firm, we also use a hands-on approach to property management. Unlike larger property management companies where personalized services are sacrificed, we prioritize the unique needs of our clients investment properties. We strive to provide the best customer service out of all New Mexico property management companies. Our team at Blue Door Realty pairs our outstanding client services with efficient technology so your Bernalillo investment is well taken care of. Owning an investment property doesn’t need to feel like another full time job!

Blue Door Realty’s main services are focused on HOA Management, rental management, property maintenance, property management, and home property sales. If you’re interested in making a real estate investment in Bernalillo, we’re available for consultation.

Hiring a property manager from a certified property management team helps rental property owners manage risks by providing a prompt response to all tenant concerns and property issues in their Bernalillo rental homes. If problems are left unresolved or ignored, landlords will see frequent tenants turnover. Working with a committed property manager also help you maximize your profits and help you maintain good standing with your tenants. 

Encouraging Tenant Loyalty

With our tried-and-tested property management and maintenance practices, your rental properties and tenants will be prioritized! Our full service management method encourages tenant loyalty and earns you substantial rental returns over time.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (505) 389 4316. We are a professional Bernalillo property management company and we will use our expertise to help you manage your rental. 

We’re a flexible and professional team with cost-friendly property management services you can choose from! We at Blue Door Realty understand that each investment property is unique so we’ve made it easy for Bernalillo property owners to select the services they need the most!

Our Property Management Services

Blue Door Realty is dedicated to supporting homeowners when it comes to getting their Bernalillo rental ready for tenants. Each property manager on our team is committed to attracting quality tenants and increasing your tenant pool. Our tenant screening process is designed to filter for high-caliber tenants! 

When it comes to rent collection and ensuring your rental income, we firmly enforce leasing agreements. Additionally, our property maintenance and repair services are superior thanks to our thorough inspections and well-functioning vendor network.

Below are excellent benefits you’ll gain when you partner with Blue Door Realty:

Property Marketing

If you don’t advertise vacancies in your Bernalillo rental properties, it will be challenging to find quality tenants. At Blue Door Realty, we design a strategic marketing plan based on the rental market, that works for you using the power of MLS! On top of that, we routinely seek out mutual alliances with brokers who can provide additional referrals.

Rental Property Marketing

With more than a hundred rental and real estate websites, we can easily ramp up the interest in your Bernalillo investment property by increasing its online views. Some of the most popular sites we can list your Bernalillo property on are, Trulia and Zillow! The more views we collect, the better the quality of potential renters you’ll have to choose from.

Tenant Screening Process

It only takes one bad tenant to affect your property income. Property damage can quickly devalue your Bernalillo rental home. Renting to negligent or abusive tenants will ultimately reduce your income! Blue Door Realty conducts comprehensive tenant screening by using a 6 point process. 

The more detailed information we have, the better. While performing tenant screenings, we remain aware of Fair Housing Act laws and treat all prospective tenants fairly. For accurate assessment of a tenant’s viability, we check credit scores, eviction histories and criminal backgrounds. 

Our property management company contacts the employers of the prospective tenants to ensure they are gainfully employed or have a financial source of income to prevent tenants from defaulting on rent payments. This helps to ensure that only qualified tenants occupy your rental property. 

Rent Collection

Even a single missed rent payment can be dangerous for property owners. We want our clients to be able to have reliable rental income. If tenants aren’t held to the terms of their lease, neglecting to pay rent can become a habit! Thus, as part of our property management services, the team at Blue Door Realty strictly enforces the leasing conditions of your Bernalillo rental home.

If any late payments occur, we’re quick to investigate the situation. We want to avoid any hassle while still increasing your profitability, so we always seek a fair and beneficial solution and consider evictions a last resort.

Rent Collection

Actively monitoring rent payments ensures that renters will treat on-time payments seriously. That said, our property management company remains professional when dealing with tenants. By respectfully interacting with renters we are able to cultivate a positive and long-term relationship with your tenants.

We provide multiple ways for tenants to pay rent for their properties including direct deposit, cash, and transfers.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

To keep your tenants happy, a well-functioning and attractive Bernalillo rental property is a must. Blue Door Realty’s property managers see to it that your housing is well suited and up to date on maintenance in order to keep your best tenants! We have a licensed team of contractors and specialists to attend to all kinds of property maintenance issues. We ensure that it is easy for your tenants to contact and notify us of any necessary property repairs or maintenance requests. 

Our property management services include regular inspections and promptly respond to any reported maintenance requests. If repairs are needed, we immediately take action! Your property will be thoroughly checked internally and externally for any signs of damage. Our documentation on your property’s condition is accessible so you can keep up-to-date on your rental unit’s condition and property maintenance.

Detailed Financial Reporting

All accounting reports and monthly statements can be viewed via our online portal. Using this resource, property owners can keep track of their repair costs, profits and net income without the hassle! Work orders, invoices and inspection reports can also be accessed in this way. This helps maximize your involvement in the management process without the hassle. 

Financial Reporting

To assist you during tax season, you’ll be given 1099s and an annual accounting report. Our clients’ financial records are kept up-to-date and accurate. Receipts and other relevant proof of costs are also found in the online portal. This way there are no surprises coming out of the bank accounts of our property owners. 

About Bernalillo, New Mexico

Bernalillo serves as the county seat of Sandoval County in New Mexico. It’s situated in the Rio Grande Valley.

Bernalillo is known for its wine heritage. They even hold a New Mexico Wine Festival celebration every year! Residents enjoy living in Bernalillo for its friendly community and diversity. A lot of vibrant festivals are celebrated in the area. Bernalillo is also safe and has plenty of open spaces to explore.

Bernalillo is known for its wine heritage. They even hold a New Mexico Wine Festival celebration every year! Residents enjoy living in Bernalillo for its friendly community and diversity. A lot of vibrant festivals are celebrated in the area. Bernalillo is also safe and has plenty of open spaces to explore.

In terms of recreational offerings, Bernalillo provides a lot of options! Good schools are nearby and this town is currently seeing several attractive developments. Properties here are incredibly desirable by all sorts of people. 

Below are some interesting places to see in Bernalillo, New Mexico:

  1. Coronado Historic Site
  2. Willow Creek Trailhead and Open Space
  3. Jemez Canyon Dam
  4. Pueblo of Santa Ana
  5. El Zocalo Plaza Center

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to providing Bernalillo and Placitas rental management services, Blue Door Realty’s property managers are also proud to serve the areas of Albuquerque and Corrales.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you manage your properties.