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Our highly trained managers will use their experience and knowledge to assist you in accomplishing what is important to your community. We are able to offer specialized management contracts so you only pay for the services you need. Because we are local, we do not need to consult or get approval from a home office in another state. We can be flexible in our services to best serve the community and the Board of Directors.

We use the latest technology so you don’t lose the services of a large company but you get the personalized attention of a small company. We offer online portals where members can access their records, make payments, see the status of their ACC requests or violations, and access community documents. Board members have even more access and can see real time financials.

Our managers can assist you with long term planning, policy enactment, vendor oversight, and much more. The services listed here are just some of what we can do for you and your community.


  • Written and verbal correspondence with members, vendors and board of directors
  • Mailing of notices and letters as required by governing documents and requested by the board.
  • Assistance in developing a risk management program in conjunction with insurance experts and the board.
  • Compliance with city, state and federal requirement of a non profit corporation and HOA/Condo to include filing of reports and notifying the board of trends and legislation that may affect the association.
  • Assistance in developing policy and procedure and well as implementation.
  • Preparation of materials for board, annual and special meetings to include generating minutes of the meetings.
  • Scheduling and attending board meetings and annual meetings.
  • Provide information to real estate brokers, title companies, mortgage companies, and other 3rd party interests.
  • Newsletter preparation with assistance from board and/or committee.
  • Minor website updates to keep the website fresh and relevant.
  • Maintain association records.
  • Prepare board for hearings with all relevant materials and advice if needed. Attendance at hearings if held during business hours.  After business hour attendance is at an additional charge.
  • Assistance with committee formation and charters.
  • Association record keeping


  • Covenant compliance inspections every month per violation policy.
  • Physical inspection of the community once a month to review playground equipment, gate operation and any other amenity or property that requires maintenance. Most importantly, landscape is inspected to ensure community standards are being met.
  • Long term planning to maintain and enhance amenities in the community.
  • Once a year inspection with the insurance agent to evaluate any risks.
  • Once every year inspection with the landscape company to jointly review and plan for landscaping needs.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation and coordination for any projects for the community.
  • Gate software changes and coordinate any hold opens, issue new gate devices, and maintain records.
  • Coordinate preventative maintenance for the community.


  • Budget preparation and reserve funding review annually.
  • Billing and collection of assessments.
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements.
  • Preparation of accounts payable and ensuring that vendors have adequate insurance and licensing.
  • Assisting association tax accountant with yearly tax returns and audits.
  • Coordination with attorneys and collection agencies regarding delinquent accounts.
  • Assist the Board with long term financial planning for the community.
  • Maintain accounting records and answer member questions about their account.
  • Set up member payment plans on delinquent accounts based on direction from the Board.
  • Preparation of Demand Letters and Liens for delinquent members.
  • Administer payroll if association has employees.


There are certain large projects that fall outside of our normal contracted duties but we can assist you with those as well under our consulting services. Many associations find that they need to make changes to their governing documents. An attorney can assist with that but they are very expensive. We can create a revised document for the association based on templates we have developed over the years. Attorneys look at what is legal but typically include restrictions that are very difficult to enforce. We can close that gap and construct a workable document for the association attorney to review. The cost is less and the association has a good, practical set of governing documents to do their job.

We offer consulting services for our existing clients but can also assist self-managed communities with large projects, document reviews, policy development, or anything else that is required on a one-time basis.
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We use the latest technology

We use the latest technology available to community managers to maintain records, automate minor tasks, provide self service to our members and Boards, and to communicate in a timely manner with our clients and customers. Our software manages all accounting and most importantly, the owner and board portals available to our communities. Through those portals, board members are able to review member accounts, view documents, view invoices and financial information, and create surveys for the membership. Members are able to pay their assessments, place work order requests, view violations, and view ACC requests.

Frequent and timely communication is important for the smooth running of an association. We use technology to send out email blasts, create mailings, survey members on various topics, and allow them to submit requests and forms to us 24/7. This allow the board to communicate positive or important updates to the membership with no additional cost. In many communities, the main complaint from members is that the only time they hear from the board or management is when they are in violation or collections. How often do you communicate positive things to your community? We can help with keeping in touch with your members.

Record Keeping

Accurate, accessible record keeping

A question that is asked frequently by prospective clients is: How are records stored and how can we ensure that we have access in the future? This is an excellent question and the fiduciary responsibility of the Board of Directors.

As a part of our contract, we are responsible for maintaining the records for the association and we understand the importance of this task. Having accurate records is the lifeline of the association. If the records are not accurate, the members lose faith in the ability of the Board and the management company to effectively manage the association. At Blue Door, we use a comprehensive software package that tracks and records all aspects of association management. Board Members and members have access to those records through an owner portal online.

Board Members have a greater access to more records and can access the information 24/7 via the internet. Board members are able to view individual member accounts for payments, charges, architectural requests, violations, work orders, and resident requests. Board members are also able to view real time financial reports and see copies of the invoices that were paid. There is also a way for board members to access real time directories of all the members with their contact information.

We store all records and documents electronically on our server as well as in the software to provide redundancy in our record keeping process. Our server is backed up at an offsite facility nightly and we have a contract with a locally owned IT firm to monitor that the backup process happens without incident per schedule.

Transparency is important to members and to our clients so we design our record keeping systems with that in mind.

Financial Planning

Planning for future and current needs

One of the most important duties for a Board of Directors is financial planning for the long-term needs of the community. For communities with extensive amenities, gates, clubhouses, etc. it is crucial to have a formal reserve study done to give the association a plan for saving adequate amounts of money for future repairs and replacements. Blue Door has partnered with a number of reserve planning providers and we can arrange for discounts based on volume pricing.

For communities without a lot of amenities, it is still important to have a plan for replacing landscaping elements or adding additional landscaping, signage, or other community enhancements in the future. We can assist the Board in estimating costs so that money can be set aside prior to needing it.

We assist our clients in constructing a budget based on community obligations, needs, and wants for the following year. We can incorporate long term planning into the process to ensure your community can meet it’s future obligations as well as improve the community for the members.

One component of financial stability is regular cash flow from the members. We will assist the board in developing an effective collection policy, and we have a proven method for collecting assessments from past due members. We use attorneys sparingly as they are very expensive but we have partnered with an excellent collection agency that specializes in the collection of HOA assessments. Their track record is impressive and it does not cost the association a dime! The cost of their services are charged to the delinquent member and the association receives 100% of their principle balance.

Risk Management

Minimizing risk is important for associations

With the many cases in the news of management companies taking client money in New Mexico, it is important for a Board to make sure any company they hire is adequately prepared to handle issues with theft. Cyber theft is another very real threat to most businesses, included community associations. Another aspect of risk management is evaluating enforcement of rules and collecting money from members. Most lawsuits filed against associations by members is a result of enforcement of rules or collections. We manage risk for our clients in two ways: Insurance and Policies.

We carry a fidelity bond to cover any losses of association funds due to theft. We have $2 million in coverage so if there is an incident of theft either by embezzlement or physical theft of financial information, our clients are covered. Not all companies carry this type of coverage. We carry cyber theft insurance as well. While we don’t store a lot of information about our association members, we do have banking information and contact information. If there is a breach in our system, we have insurance to cover losses due to a breach.

Good policies are easy to read, clear about expectations and consequences, and are not in conflict with the governing documents or existing laws. At Blue Door, we have many templates for just about any type of policy that would be needed for an association. We will assist our clients in developing well thought out policy to help run the association. There is no need to re-invent the wheel because chances are we have run into the situation before and developed a policy to handle it. Good policies protect the Board and the association and reduce legal issues.

Board Training

There is a Board Member orientation class we hold 3-4 times a year as needed that concentrates on the overall duties of a board member. We provide reference materials specific to the board member’s association so they can do their job with the right tools.

In addition to our popular orientation program, we offer training on topics like insurance, legal issues, compliance issues, risk management, and financials as well. We partner with attorneys, insurance agents, and other industry experts to provide up to date and helpful information on the wide variety of topics a board member will encounter during their tenure. The best part is that you don’t even have to be an existing client to attend our training. Please contact Melanie at if you would like more information on attending one of our training sessions.

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