Title Companies


We use a third party provider, Homewise, to deliver all documents needed in a home sale for our HOAs and Condominiums. There are two documents to order for a resale but they do not need to be ordered at the same time. The disclosure documents required by the HOA Act that need to go to the buyer are in the package called “Resale Disclosure Certificate” and can be ordered by any party to the transaction. This document will not have the information needed to verify seller’s account balance. The document the title company needs to complete the closing statement is the “Escrow/Closing Demand Statement” and should be ordered directly by the title company representative.

If you are a lender in need of a condominium questionnaire, there are a number of forms listed depending on the type of loan or you can upload a custom form. The most common support documents are included in the order.

All document requests can take up to 10 business days to process but there is an expedite option for an additional charge to get the documents in 3 business days.

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If you are selling your home or you are a Realtor selling a home in one of our communities, please download this informational packet on what to expect from your HOA or Condo during this process.