Many investors and landlords believe that the start of the leasing process is to put together an online listing and screen some tenants.

There’s a lot that comes before all of that, however. You have to get the property ready for the rental market, and depending on the condition of the home when you purchased it, this process could take some time and require an investment of resources.

You need to be attentive to the process of preparing your property for the Albuquerque rental market. Be strategic with how it looks and how you present it to prospective tenants. Many landlords make the mistake of listing and showing the home as-is. It pays to make an effort and allow the property to really stand apart from the competition.

Create Some Curb Appeal at Your Albuquerque Rental Property

Low maintenance and low water landscaping is going to be your best choice for creating curb appeal in Albuquerque. Very few tenants will expect to see lush, expensive lawns. Make sure the exterior of the property is clean and pretty. Prospective tenants who drive up or walk by your property will want to see a rental home that’s well-maintained, attractive, and welcoming. You don’t want to show off broken window blinds, debris, and cobwebs on the front door.

Professional Cleaning is Critical

A clean rental property is extremely important, and something you absolutely must do when getting the home ready for the rental market. Hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom. Have wood floors waxed and carpets steam cleaned. You want your kitchens and your bathrooms to have sparkling sinks, and every crumb should be swept up and wiped away.

Dust the ceiling fans, wipe down the baseboards, and pull the appliances away from walls to sweep out anything that’s gathered behind them. When you provide a perfectly clean home, tenants will be eager to move in, and they’ll also know you have high standards of cleanliness when it’s time to return the property at the end of the lease term.

Inspect the Home for Maintenance Issues

Everything in your property needs to work properly. It may be time consuming, but getting your property ready for the rental market must include checking every outlet, turning on every faucet and sink, and flushing each toilet. Look for plumbing leaks and make sure all the doors and windows open. You want to know the locks work and the property is secure. Check safety features such as smoke detectors and exterior lighting.

Run both the heat and the air conditioning, and turn on the appliances. Change the air filter and any burnt out light bulbs. Everything needs to be functional and safe before you put the property on the market. Otherwise, you’ll turn off well-qualified tenants who are looking for something that’s move-in ready.

Make Some Cost Effective Upgrades and Updates

Make Some Cost Effective Upgrades and UpdatesWhen you have a well-maintained home in a good neighborhood, you rarely have to renovate it. However, when you’re preparing to put it on the rental market, it doesn’t hurt to make a few minor upgrades. Simple things like a fresh coat of paint or updated lighting can make a big difference. Even new hardware on the kitchen cabinets and drawers can make your property look modern and pretty. Consider making these small changes to attract tenants.

When you’re preparing your property for the rental market, feel free to contact us at Blue Door Realty. We’d love to serve as your Albuquerque property management resource.