Inspecting your rental property is critical and often underappreciated. With routine inspections, you can avoid deferred and unreported maintenance issues. You can ensure that your property’s condition is protected, and you can also make sure that your tenants are following the terms and requirements of their lease agreement.

We want to make sure owners of Albuquerque rental homes understand the importance of property inspections. We also want to explain how we conduct them at Blue Door Realty.

Property Inspections Protect the Condition of Your Rental Property

Inspections allow us to examine the condition of the property. We check everything from potential leaks under sinks to insulation and landscaping. We test appliances, toilets, and faucets, and we make sure that there isn’t any preventative maintenance that needs to occur. We want to know your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems are in good shape.

We take detailed notes and photos, and provide these inspection reports to our property owners. It’s essential that we deal with any issues before they get more complicated and expensive. If there are lease violations such as unauthorized pets or evidence of smoking or drug use, we will address that immediately.

Exterior inspections can also be useful and they don’t require any specific notice or permission from the tenant. If we drive by the property and notice that trees are dangerously close to the roof or there appear to be more cars in the driveway than there are tenants, we’ll schedule a full inspection. If the outside of the property doesn’t look great, it causes us some concern about the inside of the property.

Leverage the Experience of Vendors to Inspect Your Rental Home

In addition to formal inspections, you can also ask your vendors and contractors to help keep an eye on your rental property. When someone is sent over to make a minor repair, they’ll likely be willing to take a general look at the home and make sure that it’s in good condition. This can help you and your tenants maintain the home to the standards you expect.

Blue Door Realty Property Inspection Options

At Blue Door Realty, we understand the importance and value of inspections. We have three different Albuquerque property management packages that owners can choose, and each of those will include a specific number and type of inspections.

With our Silver Plan, owners will receive an annual interior inspection as well as an inspection upon the lease renewal. With the Gold Plan, owners will receive four exterior inspections per year and one interior inspection. There will also be an inspection upon lease renewal. The Premium or Platinum Plan has everything that’s included in the Gold Plan and an additional interior inspection every year. This provides the maximum protection for your rental property without impeding on your tenant’s privacy.

Property conditionIf you’d like to hear more about how we can help you protect the condition of your property, please contact us at Blue Door Realty. We welcome the opportunity to serve as your Albuquerque property management resource.